Polk County RPPD, located at 120 W 4th St . , in Stromsburg Nebraska provides electricity for customers in Shelby , Osceola, Silver Creek and Clarks .  The District provides service for all commercial, agricultural, irrigation and customers and serves electricity wholesale to the City of Stromsburg .  We currently have 20 full time employees to serve over 4400 meters and do water billing for two communities.  We operate and maintain 90 miles of transmission line, 970 miles of overhead line and 16 miles of underground.  The District originated in 1935 and anticipates the celebration of its’ 75th anniversary in 2010. 

Board of Directors:  President – James D. Carlson, Silver Creek; Vice-President – Mardell H. Johnson, Stromsburg; Treasurer – Gary B. Allison, Gresham; Attorney & Secretary – James E. Papik; Directors – Vernon A. Kuhnel, Osceola; Gene Urkoski, Clarks; Robert Lindburg, Polk and Greg P. Kuhnel, Shelby

We are your full service power provider and look forward to serving the area for many years to come.  “We are committed to enhancing the lives of our customers by providing safe, reliable and economical energy now and into the future.”

For information in hooking up service please contact our office. You can find out more about us at:  www.pcrppd.com