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(Due to IOC regulations, Curt will no longer be able to make daily diary entries on this page. The IOC doesn't want athletes doing journalist's work, as there's a fine line between reporting what and how the team is doing and reporting 'reflections' about Olympic life.  However, Curt is allowed to still answer any type of questions that any one would have. Let's use this "cyber-page" to show our community support as Curt continues his experience in Turin. Best of Luck Curt!)


Join us below as we follow Shelby native, Curtis Tomasevicz, while he competes in the 2006 Winter Olympics. On this page we will post questions from the community and his replies. Let's show our support, if you have any specific questions for Curt while he is in Turin, or if you want to just show your support, contact Darla at the Village office, or email Andrea at


Posted 03/03/06:

Posted 02/28/06:

Thank you to everyone in Shelby for the warm welcome Friday night. We had a great time hanging out with the hometown crowd and sharing in the excitement of Curt's Olympic debut. For stories The Independent has run about Curt Tomasevicz, go to the following links.
- Gretchen Fowler, The Grand Island Independent

Saturday event to benefit bobsledder from Shelby

Shelby native on U.S. bobsled team

Tomasevicz in Torino

Excitement builds as competition nears for Shelby's hometown hero

Ready to compete

Shelby cheers on native son

Tomasevicz happy with his Olympic debut


Click here to see pictures from Friday night's celebration at the A&B Lounge in Shelby.

Posted 02/27/06:

It has been a lot fun watching Curt and his team mates make their run for the GOLD. They were only .53 seconds from a Medal, but they did beat USA 1 ( Hayes). A 5th place finish for your 1st year is pretty impressive,

THANK YOU all for watching praying and cheering the TOMASEVICZ from SHELBY.

From Mary Lerch:
This is the Lincoln link and you have to scroll down to the featured videos and click on "Small Town Cheers for Olympic Hometown Hero".
Here is an article also:
And this article really shows what kind of kid he is:

Posted 02/26/06:

Curt, we just wanted to tell you how proud everyone in California is of you, we have all been watching you and your teammates on TV, Heidi and Alicia, as well as all of our families, friends and colleagues. Congratulations on your sixth place finish and finishing ahead of USA sled 1. You all represented your families, states and country well. Thanks to the people of Shelby for providing this wonderful venue for all of us to keep up on your experiences in the Olympics. It made it that much more special for all of us who can't be there in
Nebraska. You have a wonderful little town there, and should be very proud of them as well for their support. Your dad tells me it has been very exciting and busy for him with all the interest the people of Nebraska have been showing in you since you left. We look forward to having all of the Nebraska crew and you back safe and sound soon. - Jerry, Heidi and Alicia. 

We just discovered the Shelby website and enjoyed reading the questions and answers you gave in your interview. My mother, Irene Dunning, has been keeping us informed about your wonderful experience. We wanted to tell you we have shared your excitement with friends here in Denver, CO. where we live and people in Denver have been excited about your accomplishment as well as your friends in Shelby, NE. Congratulations. - Eldon and Janet Yeutter

Hi Curt! Dana in Texas here, and I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and team 2!
I love watching the Olympics and to have some one to personally root for made it all the more special! I hope you had a great time in Italy and I hope I can look forward to seeing you in Vancouver! Take care! - Dana Sanderson Ghorashy

Words can not express how I feel knowing that you came from Nebraska and you show such great dedication.  What an inspiration to the kids of Nebraska.  How proud your parents must be.  Thanks for a job well done and the best to you in the days to come.  - Martha Fousek, Elba NE

Curt, I just wanted to say that the entire town, probably the entire state, is so proud of your performance at the Olympics. It was so exciting for us to see
you do so well. Congratulations on going from 9th coming into the race and moving up to 6th! And for doing better than the other USA sled - those are both something to be commended. But on another note, I just wanted to let you know I have had so much fun hearing from you each day. You are definitely a Class A athlete! Your dedication to the sport, as well as sharing your gift to others is something I will never forget. The time you took to answer all the questions from the grade schoolers and adults was priceless. We are definitely lucky to have you a part of our community. Congratulations again!  -  Andrea Schroeder 

Curt, I am happy for you and your family as you competed for the U.S. these last several days. I recently was transferred to Lawrence, Nebraska (which is 30 miles south of Hastings), and I asked the parishioners and students at Sacred Heart Church and School here in town to pray for you. 

My previous parish was in Dwight, and I taught the last six years with your mom at Aquinas. Mrs. T, I want to hear all about your trip when you get home!

God Bless You! - Father Loras Grell, Lawrence, Neb.

Posted 02/25/06:

Here is a link to see the actual runs Curt's team performed at the Olympics. Once you go to the link, click on the camcorder icon that is on Curt's team. You can view his heat Runs 1 & 2. This link will also show you the results, so if you don't want to know, don't click on the link. Enjoy Jeff Schinzel Here's the link: 

Hey Curtis! The whole town turned out to view your competition last night. Probably the first time cowbells rang in the A&B. Very exciting to watch. Hope all goes well today. We are all very proud of you and your teammates. Thanks for being such good role models for our kids. - Steve, Vic, Aaron, Eric, Margo and Trevor Scow



We enjoyed our visit to Shelby today! Just wanted to pass along a link to a story we ran on NTV, based in Grand Island and Kearney:
Thanks! Steve White, NTV News -

Posted 02/24/06:

The Apprentice voting is tied as of this morning. The voting ends on the 26th—we’d hate to lose now. Pass it on. If you haven't yet voted, Curt is requesting your vote for Todd Hays at this link: Thanks!

Hey Curtis, Wishing you the best of luck today. We'll be watching and very proud of you. People in York have asked me if you're the best athlete from Shelby. I tell them it's a tossup between you and my nephew Austin. Take it home! - Bob, Gayle, Taylor, Conner, & Jackson Coffin




Curtis, By now you have already run your first race. I'm not going to look on the internet to see the results, I'll wait to watch the bedsled race on TV tonight. We are so very proud of you. Thank you for being such a great role model for everyone. We are pulling for you. Go for the Gold. Congratulations and Best of Luck. - Arleen Heibel and family 

Thursday Elaine and Amy went on a Tour of the City. There were 14 stops and a person could get off at any or all of the stops. Another tour vehicle followed 1 hour later which you could board. There was a English speaking tour agent to explain the city. They were most impressed with the "MOLE" the large Cathedral shown on most Pictures of Torino. They also visited the Church where the "Shroud of Turin" is kept. A copy of the Shroud is on display, but the original is open for display once every 20 years. This is NOT the year. 

They continue to visit the BANK OF AMERICA U.S. HOME. The parents of many of the players visit and talk with the visitors. While there Elaine had her picture taken with Emily Hughes (Figure Skating) Her sister took their picture, but did not want to be in the picture as this "Emily's Olympics"

There are more Friends of Curt arriving in Italy. Phil & Wanda from Waco (Jordan's parents) Father Koop, who was a Priest in Shelby all arrived today. Curt also has several other friends (girls and boys) here also. In other words it is going to be a BIG NEBRASKA PARTY in Italy.

Dick & Dennis continue to work their fingers to the bone to support their deserving wives this trip.  - Dick T

Curtis- Best of luck to you and your team! Funny story-I work for Hy-Vee and attended a meeting this week for the company and when the sign in sheet was passed around I noticed the name Tomasevicz on it. To my surprise I was sitting next to your cousin Mike! Of course immediately we began talking about you and all of your accomplishments. He speaks very highly of you as well as the rest of us in Nebraska. Keep up the good work and God Bless! - 
Amy Hernbloom

Hey Curt (and the rest of the USA Olympic bobsled team- I´m sorry! I don´t know your names!!!)!!!!

All of us UNL students studying abroad here in Europe would like to wish you all the best of luck and Godspeed at the Olympics! Unfortunately, although we are here in Europe, none of us were able to make it to the Olympics, but our support is with you all the same! You are champions to us no matter what! 


--Krissy and the UNL group in Besancon, France

Posted 02/23/06:

Hi Curt! I want to wish you the best of luck, savor this moment, this experience could not have happened to better person. You will always have a special place in all of us. Keep your head up, your heart strong and your mind clear and you will accomplish anything you want to do - you have proven this over and over! We are so proud of you!! Sara Davis & Ehren Tiedje

Curtis, Just wanted to wish you all the best and let you know how proud we 
are to have someone from our area accomplish the things you have. You 
truly are a terrific role model for all of us! Jaci Swantek and family

It’s getting close now – we wanted to say something motivational to help you win this weekend, but nothing came to mind. So we will say if you do your best you will always be a winner. You are already a winner in our minds. We’ll be pulling for you tomorrow. Break another record!! We Wish You the Best of Luck. - Chris & Kim Voss

Hey Curtis, just wanted to wish you good luck and go for the gold! - Jarred & Katherine Adkins

Curtis, We are all excited with you and wish you well tomorrow. May God continue to protect you and help you do your best when you compete.  - Fr. John Rooney


Hey Curt. Just a note from the Columbus family members. Grandma Bernt, Lee, Maxine. Sue, Bryan, Kali, Deb, Rich. Stephanie and Aaron want to wish you all the best of luck. We're thinking of you daily and were all watching and waiting for you Friday nite. Even
Grandma Bernt is excited about it, and sends your Mom daily clippings. Tell your Mom. John and Elaine we all say Hello. We even seen your Mom on T.V. jumping up and down when the 2-man was on. Again BEST WISHES. GOOD LUCK . Were all rooting for you and can't wait to see ya when ya get back. THE COLUMBUS GANG!!!!!!!!! 

Posted 02/22/06:

Curtis, We are so excited for you! Good luck and Be safe as you go for the gold! We went to Grand Island for Fire School last weekend, and everyone that saw we were from Shelby asked us if we knew you. The whole state is excited and honored to have you representing us in the Olympics! Best of luck! - Mark, Sheri (McMeekin), Austin, Tyler, Hunter, & Preston Gillotte

Congratulations, Curtis T on another one of your many achievements! We are so excited for you and can't wait to watch the race on Friday. Many people have asked me how to pronounce your last name. When I tell them, I have to tell them also, that learning how to spell it use to be an extra point question on our art tests in high school. - Tim, Kathy, Josh, Kasey, Joe & Jake Hopwood

“Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." -- Lou Holtz
Curtis, you have it all! Best of luck to you and your team! We will be watching and supporting you! - John, Tricia (Davis), Peyton and Paxton Mohr 

Elaine called : It was Noon our time and 6 PM in Torino. The weather is very overcast and foggy. A lot like Seattle weather she says. The Bank Of America has a Hotel set up for American Tourists. They provide a place to rest watch some American TV news. food phones and Computer terminals. They needed to register the first day and were given a Pass card with their ID. The card is needed to enter. Security is very Good: They have numerous helicopters circling overhead all day long. Elaine says that they all feel safe.

On Thursday they are taking a tour around Torino and the surrounding area. This is the BEST way to get the history and sites of the area. Elaine says that is seems that the City was NOT READY for all the Tourists. It is hard to get around as they do not have many signs to give directions. It is hard to communicate.

AMY AND ELAINE SAY THEY ARE HAVING A LOT OF FUN. The cost of callingfromTorino is 49 cents per minute on a calling card. I sent along several cards for them to use. - Dick T.

Congratulations for your accomplishment in making the Olympic bobsled team. Good Luck and God Bless.  - Robin & Colleen Perry

hi curtis, just wanted to wish you good luck!!! - joe & yvonne


If you did not get a chance to watch Curt and his bobsled team on Jay Leno Monday night, see the video clip here by going to Jay Leno's site and selecting the video clip called "Tom Green at the Olympics". 


Curtis - Wishing you the very best on your Olympic adventure. You have certainly made everyone proud, but you have always done that ever since I knew you.

My grandson who is 10 won first place in his gymnastics last week, so he told his dad, that he wants to go to the Olympics someday too. You are such a roll model and will always continue to be one.

Saw you on Jay Leno land really enjoyed it. You look like you're ready to go for the GOLD!!!

- Wayne and Patty Davis.

Curt, These are questions from the 3rd grade class at Yutan, Nebraska. We wish you good luck and we are cheering for you. - Sherry Loos and her third grade class

How long have you been training in the Bobsled?
A: I started bobsledding in September of 2004. I have the least experience of any other guy on the team. I'm also the youngest.

What does it feel like going down the Bobsled run?
A: Try to picture this...
You're going down the interstate in a car. Now there aren't any seatbelts or 
airbags. There's no padding on the seat. Now remove the roof and windshield 
of the car. Although it looks very smooth on TV, at high speeds, the ice is 
very rough. Drop the car down a little bit so you're only sitting about 
three inches off the ground. Now close your eyes because I'm not allowed to 
look where we're going. And finally speed up about 15 mph becuase our top 
speeds are up to 90 mph! And of course you have to go around sharp curves at 
these high speeds which causes intense G-forces on your head and 
back....Sound like fun?!

What is the thing you enjoy most about being in the Olympics?
A: Everything! The whole experience has been great. Everyday is something new. 
I've met a few celebrities. I'm meeting all kinds of athletes from different 
countries. I've seen some other competitions. But I'm looking forward to our 
race the most!

Did you know anyone on the team, before you made it?
A: No. When I flew up to Calgary the first time, I didn't know anyone at all. I 
was a little nervous and scared because I didn't know what to expect. But 
now, the guys on my team are some of my best friends.

Does the Bobsled go over ramps?
A: There are no ramps built in any of the courses. We want the sled to stay on all four runners all the time. However, sometimes when we come out of a curve late, we will tip up on two side runners. That's when a lot of crashes happen.

Q: Greetings from Osceola! We wish you and your team the best of luck. We were wondering who's in charge of sharpening the runners on the sled and waxing it? Also congrats on your appearance on Jay Leno (it must be nice to be on the bobsled team and get all that free stuff--ha ha!!!). Have fun in Turin and bring home the gold!!! GO BIG RED, WHITE and BLUE!!! - The LeSuer's--Larry, Karyee, Jared and Kyler

A: We have a team mechanic that works on the sled. He's in charge of making sure the steering works properly and the sled is safe. We (the push athletes) are in charge of keeping the runners in order. We have to sand and polish the runners almost daily and also in between runs. The runners aren't really sharp like an ice skate. They are more rounded. Before a race we are also in charge of waxing the sled.

Posted 02/21/06:

Hey Curt, Greetings from Georgia-Kim, Casey and LeAnne. We enjoyed seeing you on Jay Leno last night! That Tom Green, looks like a wild and crazy guy. Kim's been trying to send you a care package of Grandama T's famous ROCK cookies. However, it was hard to pin you down to get the package to you. Therefore, you will be recieving said package upon your return to Shelby. That is if Casey doesn't get to them first! LeAnne is going on the morning announcements at her school, telling all about you and the Olympics. "Be There!"~LeAnne *thumbs up* Best of luck Friday and Saturday. Your in our thoughts and prayers.
Much Love, LeAnne, Casey, and Kim

Curt, I am so proud of you. I am ready to start on a red, white and blue teddy bear. Think I will need to make it bigger than the last one?  -  Lynne Weinhold


We want to wish you and the team well. This is soo exciting, can't wait 'till Friday-we all will be cheering you guys on, in your "home town" of Shelby. USA.....USA!!!!  -  Mark, Nancy, Steven and Macy Stewart


Ethan K., a second grader at Yutan Elementary School wants to know how many medals you have won? Good Luck! - JoAnne Campbell

A: I've won some nice medals for being a part of the 2man national championship team in 2004 and as part of the 4man national championship team in 2005. We were also given some nice quilts as a prize. On the world cup circuit, I've received some medals for placing in the top ten in a couple times with the best finish being 4th in Igls, Austria last season.

Curt, My name is Jim Goulet and I work for Columbus Community Hospital in Columbus NE. I wanted to wish you and the entire bobsled team good luck. I watched you play high school football as I have nephews who played for Brainard East Butler (Zitek brothers). Also, one of my sons (PJ) took art classes from your mom when she taught at Columbus High a few years ago. You have represented Nebraska and the USA well. - Jim Goulet

Hello, Curt. I'm Bill Brigham's sister and Brooke's and Brent's aunt and have met you many times when I was visiting from Boston. Naturally, I'm thrilled for you, for the bobsled team, for the U.S. and most of all, for Shelby, Nebraska. Years ago when I was freshman dean at Dartmouth, I knew Cammie Myler who was in the women's Olympic luge event, 1990 I think it was. She trained every weekend at Lake Placid, NY; I have an appreciation for how hard you've been training and the discipline required for your achievements. Fly like the wind this Friday and Saturday! The Gold is within reach! With fondness and warm wishes - Diana Brigham Beaudoin, Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Our family would like to wish you the best of luck on your Olympic journey. Our girls have just recently found out that they are living in the house that "Curtis Tomasevicz used to live in!!" and they think that is awesome!!! Justin wants to start offering tours!! Everyone here is so proud of you, and we can't wait to cheer on team USA on Friday. Take care and good luck!! ~ Justin, Shelly, Taylor, Hailey, and Sydney Smith

Did you know that TORINO is the chocolate capitol of the WORLD. I knew there was a reason I liked Torino. Amy and Elaine have met up with Curt several times. I don't know if you knew, but Curt stays in the Mountain Village with the others, while Amy and Elaine stay in Turino. It is about 90 miles from Torino to the Bobsled site. They travel by train as that is the main form of transportation. It takes a while to get your wishes across as Italian is spoken and it is hard to find an English speaking person. - Dick T.

Hi Curt, this is Jane (Grossnicklaus) Straube from Blair, NE wishing you the very best of luck in the 4-man bobsled event! We know that you will do everyone in Shelby proud!!! This is so exciting to be watching the Olympics and knowing that I babysat you when you were little and look at you now! We have been watching every little thing on TV about you and the whole Olympics. God Bless and go for the Gold! - Jane, Bill, Alyssa, Taylor & Andy

Q: We have been trying to figure out what "Roots" stands for on the apparel we see the athletes in. Is there a story behind it? - Monte Seldon

A: Roots and Nike are our two primary clothing sponsors for the games. Roots makes all our ceremony clothing. Team Holcomb has had an additional sponsorship from Adidas this past year. We're trying to work out a deal for the competition. Speedo has offered us some nice speed suits to wear also. A lot to choose from!

Hello Curt, Just saw the Jay Leno show with you and the guys. That was pretty neat. You
looked like you were having fun. Hugs, and good luck to you and the team. Will be watching. - Vivian, from Florida


Hi Curtis, This is Becky (Fusco) Trotter in Arcadia, NE. My family and I would like to wish you the best of luck in Torino. I have had a lot of people ask me about you and they think it is just great what you are doing!! Also I wanted to tell you that my neighbor across the street is also named Steve Holcomb. They call him "Hokey". So tell him good luck too!! Congratulations once again and we will be rooting you on to a medal and a chance at that podium!!! Go USA!!!  -  Becky (Fusco) Trotter


Posted 02/20/06:

Be sure to watch for Curt tonight on Jay Leno! Tom Green the comic takes him shopping in Turino. Should be a riot! Click here for the press release.


Curt, everyone at Central Community College/Platte Campus is rooting for you! - Carol


HI! My name is Dana Sanderson Ghorashy. I live in Houston, Texas BUT I was born and raised a Husker and my heart will always belong to Nebraska. My family lives in Hastings and my daughter is a junior at UNL. Just wanted to say GO Curtis and I sure will be rooting for you down here in Texas. No Aggies for me!!!!! :)  -  Dana Sanderson

Hi Curtis, this is a message from your classmate, Sarah Jo. Congratulations on your success and hope you are enjoying your experience. Everybody at Urology Surgery Center (where I now work) are rooting for you. Your hard work has paid off and you deserve the gold!! Take care and have a safe trip home. - Sarah Jo

Curtis,  My name is Sara Wolter and I work with your mom through the SCIP program at Aquinas. Once a month, I come up from Lincoln for their meeting. It was so much fun to see her last Tuesday, just a couple of days before she left for Italy. She was very excited!!! I just
wanted you to know that my husband, Larry, and I are wishing the best for you and USA 2! While we are pretty avid Olympic fans, your involvement and knowing your mom have gotten us even more interested this year. We listened to the interview you had on KFOR radio and heard that they are re-broadcasting it today! Good luck!  -  Sara L. Wolter

Hello Curtis,  I wanted to let you know that I saw your mom on TV at the end of the 2-man race which was aired on Saturday night. I called to the A&B to see if anyone else had seen her (just in case I was seeing things) and they were all excited because they did also. Did she know she was on world wide television?  - Mary Lerch

Posted 02/19/06:

Congratulations Curtis (and all of Shelby). I am Douglas Sahli your 3rd & 4th grade PE teacher. What a thrill to see an oddly familiar name on the Olympics roster!! Good luck.

Hello Curtis,
I am your uncle Tony and Aunt Lynne's sister-in-law Vivian from Florida. Just sending you this to wish you the very best. I've been watching the Olympics, unfortunately missed some of it, but will be looking to see you. Again, hon, wishing you the very best of luck. Also will be looking for you on the Leno show Monday night. - Uncle Tony


Q: Curt, Everyone at Aquinas is cheering you on to gold! Will you have any opportunity to spend time with your mom, Jon, and the others who have come there to see you race? - Jean Brown,  Aquinas Catholic Schools, David City, NE 

A: I was able to meet my family for about fifteen minutes during a break in the 2man race. I'm not certain that I'll get much more time to see them. It's pretty tough trying to coordinate schedules with my training and such.

Posted 02/18/06:

Just a note to tell you that I have been on Federal Jury Duty all week in Lincoln. I have been telling all the fellow jurors about you. They are from all over the state, and they are now spreading the word as well to watch you. I know you don't remember, but I was your first baby sitter when your mom went back to work after having you. That is my claim to fame!! We are so proud of you. Be careful and GOD bless!! - Peg & Jerry Vrbk

Q: Curt, We were thrilled to see you twice in the opening ceremonies!! You had a great view of the performers, up close and personal. My niece in California said NBC interviewed you at the Shroud of Turin. Are you learning any Italian and have you tried gelato? Ciao! - Steve and Vic

Sadly, the only Italian I've really learned is the bare basic words to get by. I've gotten really good at hand signals and gestures to communicate! Most people here know at least a tiny bit of English which helps a lot.

Posted 02/17/06:

We all wish you the very best, as you have probably heard many times, but it is a real honor having someone from your home town participate in an event like the Olympics. As you may have heard many residents in Shelby are gathering together next Friday evening to watch your event and wishing the best for you and your fellow teammates. No matter how the event ends you have put Shelby on the map and made everyone in Shelby very proud of your accomplishments. Good luck to you and your teammates! - Dennis & Janelle Carlson

I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer the questions from the elementary students that have written in. Your selflessness with your time and your willingness to share your experience with everyone is so great, especially when you are in the middle of pursuing a dream most of us can only imagine. Words cannot express our gratitude and our pride we have for you. Good luck and have a safe ride!

And another thing, my cool factor has gone way up with my kids now that I can say I used to baby-sit an Olympian! - Tom & Becky (Shanahan) Edwards, Jill, Kelsey & Jack (Yutan, NE) 

Curtis - We just returned from a trip to California and we want to let you know that the entire country is proud of you. We talked to everyone we could when we were out there, they are amazed that such a small town in Nebraska could have this much excitement ... they will all we watching. Al & Mary L.

Pass the word... Monday night 02/20/06, Curtis will be one of the guests on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!! It should be very funny!


What does it feel like to be on TV? 
A: I get nervous sometimes during interviews. I don't think about it all when 
I'm competing on TV.

Q: How does it feel to be in the Olympics? 
A: It's been one of the most exciting times of my life. I'm loving every 

Q: Is it sunny at all? 
A: Today was the first day it snowed here. Every other day has been very sunny.

Q: Are your bobsled teammates good friends? 
A: Yeah, we all get along great. Steve Holcomb, my driver, and I have been 
roommates for the past two years.

Q: Do you need a lot of practice? 
A: We lift weights and do sprints about every day. We take practice runs during 
the week too, usually two a day for three days a week.

Q: Can you go 100 miles per hour? 
A: The fastest a bobsled has ever gone has been 145.3 km/h. I've been in a sled 
where we went 145.1 km/h. That's just over 90 mph.

Q: Do you like the other US bobsled team? 
A: All the American sleds get along great. We compete against them, but we're 
all friends.

Q: What would you do if you and your team won? 
A: I really don't know. I know that I'd have trouble sleeping for a long time, 
I'd be so excited!

Q: What do you eat?
A: We pay close attention to what we eat. We eat a lot of protien (eggs, beef, 
chicken, fish, etc) and we drink a lot of liquids such as water, gatorade, 
fruit juice. We also try to eat an adequate amount of carbohydrates (pasta, 
potatoes, breads, etc) to coincide with the workout that we did that day.

Q: Have you ever won a medal before?
A: My team won the national championships this past year in 4-man and we got 2nd in 2-man. Last year we won the 2-man competition. The best finish I've been a part of in world cup bobsledding was a fourth place finish in Austria. This year we've been in the top ten in every race, but I've never won a world cup race. 

Be safe when it is your turn. Try your best in the bobsled race! Win for the USA! Go 100 mph down the mountain. I hope you win. Good luck, and go for the gold! Go Curt go!

The Cross County Elementary 1st grade classes:
Alex, Megan, Jacob, April, Danny, Taylor, Heidi, Devin, Jordan, Colton, and Jill Eller-classroom teacher, Amy Slama, SLP
Tanner, Brooklyn, Treyton, Christian, Hayden, Kassidy, Jessi, Katie, Keegan, Matthew, Elizabeth, Cherokee, Hunter, and Cindy Kutschkau-classroom teacher, Amy Slama, SLP


Hi! We're the 2nd graders from Yutan Elementary and we have some questions 
for Curt:

Q: Are you the driver of the bobsled? -Derek
A: I sit in the second spot, right behind the driver.

Q: Is it fun to be a bobsledder? -Ben
A: It's very fun because it's fast, competitive, something different, and it's given me the opportunity to travel all over the world.

Q: How big is the bobsled course? - Jessica
A: The course in Turino is about 1,430 meters long.


Posted 02/16/06:

Curt - What a surreal experience you must be having. The entire State of Nebraska is very proud of you for not only representing our wonderful Cornhusker State, but also our great country. Hold your head high, keep a smile on your face and have fun! Hey, by the way, we put our vote in for Todd Hays for The Apprentice, but would have much rather voted for you! Also, thanks again for letting us visit you and see part of your world while your were at the Olympic Training Center in San Diego. It was incredible! Take care and have a blast,
- Ryan & Nicki Glatter


Who is in the picture with you and Mrs. Bush? - M. Seldon

A: Randy Jones and Lorenzo Smith are the athletes. Hershel Walker is in the 

100_0024.jpg (1331290 bytes)
Picture of Curt & teammates with Laura Bush. Click on picture to enlarge.


Curt, Will you be competing in the 2-man bobsledding? And also, have you ever thought of skeleton or luge? Francis and I have been following your progress. You've made Nebraska proud. What a role model you are for all who dream. Best of Luck! - Francis and Joyce Kohout, Cambridge, NE

A: I probably won't be racing in the 2-man event. I'm the alternate for Steve Holcomb's sled should Bill Schueffenhauer be unable to compete. I will be practicing for Steve on Friday. The practice runs will be televised on USA I believe.

Skeleton, although it looks more dangerous is actually safer than bobsled. They don't reach the speeds that bobsled do. And should a skeleton athlete crash, they just kind of roll over. Bobsled crashes are much more violent. Also skeleton sleds are much easier to drive than bobsleds. Luge is a little different. Their sleds are on a sharper runner, almost like a blade. They have a lot (almost too much) control of the sleds. They are able to steer with much more precision than a bobsled. However, should they lose control, the blade-like runners can take them in any direction. So their crashes can be pretty ugly at times. I can't say that I have a real desire to do either one. I obviously prefer bobsled and of the sliding sports, it's kind of looked at as the top-dog.

Posted 02/15/06:

Hi Curt, My name is Mike Salas. I work with Gail Garon at Hillside Middle School in California. She told me about you and the surprise that someone from Nebraska could end up on our Olympic Bobsledding team. I just wanted to let you know that my grandson lives in Fort Riley, Kansas. His dad is in the military and is home from Iraq. I told them about you and they will be watching for you in the Olympics. While visiting my grandson, Peyton, this past Christmas we had a chance to play in the snow. Snow in Kansas? All he wanted for Christmas was a snowboard...who knows, maybe one day we'll be watching a kid from Fort Riley, Kansas in the Winter Olympics!!! Good luck to you and your teammates! - Mike

Hi – we are 3rd and 4th grade students from Cross County Elementary in Stromsburg. We have some questions for Curt:

Q: Have you ever flipped your bobsled over and been hurt? 
A: I've been in two crashes. Neither of them were very serious. They were in 
Lake Placid, NY and in Altenberg, Germany. In the second crash I came out of 
the sled while we were sliding upside down and I bruised my shoulder. But I 
was OK a couple days later.

Q: Are you nervous about racing in the Olympics? 
A: I'm not too nervous (yet). We've been training for this race just like we have been for every other race. I'm sure that I'll get a little more anxious when the race 
gets closer.

Q: Who is on your team? 
A: Steve Holcomb is my driver. I sit in the second spot. Bill Schueffenhauer 
from Utah sits third. And Lorenzo Smith from Illinois rides as the brakeman.

Thank you, and
Go for the gold, Curt! Happy Valentine’s Day!  
-  Anastasia, Jacob, Zach, and Amy Slama


Posted 02/14/06:

Hey, there is a little contest going on with some of the US athletes. If you could spread the word about the site below and have everyone vote for Todd Hays. I'd appreciate it. We're all campaigning for our sport and I told the team that I'd have the entire state voting for Todd by the end of the week!

Thanks and spread the word, - Curt


Posted 02/13/06:

Greetings from Shelby. Congratulations and best wishes for a great RIDE. Enjoy all the surroundings, make new friends and have the time of your life. What an experience you must be having. Best wishes!  -  John & Janet O'Brien.

Congratulations Curt! From Shelby Public Schools! Click here.


Q: I was wondering what they have you doing when you are not competing. Are you on a strict training schedule, or do you get some down time? Have you met any of the other US athletes from other sports? - A. Schroeder

Q: Do you have free time while in Italy to enjoy the sights and country and of course, the art? Your mother, Amy, was such an inspiration to me in the field of art, and I hope you will get to enjoy some free time over there to take it all in. I know your reason for being there is work, but we hope you have time to enjoy things also. - Sadie Thelen 

A: We have a pretty full schedule. When we're not training or competing, we have media things to do. We get a lot of therapy and treatment for chiropractors and massage therapists. Of course we spend a lot of time eating and getting the proper nutrients in our meals. I did get a chance to see the downhill race yesterday. It was a lot of fun. I'm hoping to see some more events before we begin our races.

I've met a number of athletes from other US sports. Before the opening ceremonies everyone went around and kind of introduced themselves to others. I met Jeremy Bloom, who used to play football for Colorado during the same time that I played for NU. I was able to meet Bode Miller, Michelle Kwan, and a number of the women's hockey team just to name a few.


Posted 02/12/06:
Questions & Comments for Curt...

My name is Jeff Schinzel. I am Curt's 1st cousin and Amy is my Aunt. I have worked at four Olympics. I live in Atlanta and it was my first in 1996. I then went to Nagano, Japan for 6 months in 1998. On to Sydney, Australia for 7 months in 2000, and finally
Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002. I wasn't an athlete, I helped to connect all the camera feeds from every venue which is usually around 400 and supply those feeds to all the countries for television viewing. Was wondering if Curt will be going to the IBC (International Broadcast Center) which is where I was working for a tour or interviews?  -  J. Schinzel

A: Jeff's been to more Olympics than anyone I've met here! We went there for our initial press conference just before the games started. I don't have any more interviews planned there right now since it is in Torino and we're in Sestriere which is about 90km away. Most of my interviews are done at the USOC house.

Q: Do you have a mailing address for Curt? My 5 year old colored a picture for him and would like to mail it. I know he won’t receive it until he gets home and that is o.k.  -  E. Kueny

A: Mail is extremely slow here. I wouldn't get any mail sent from home by the time I left. It would be best to send it to my Shelby address.


Hi Curtis. Just a quick note of congratulations to you. . . this is so exciting for everyone here! Way to go, and thanks so much for taking time out of your day for us.  - Leslie Kuhnel


We are praying for you and we are so proud of you. We are proud not only of
your Olympic experience but of the great role model and man that you have become. 
Best Wishes Curtis!  -  Andy, Annette, Aric, Aron & Ashtin Alt


Posted 02/11/06:
Q: What was the opening ceremonies like? 

In my mind I had built up the opening ceremonies to be the biggest event on the planet. The veteran athletes repeatedly told me about the incredible feeling that overcomes you as you walk through the tunnel and onto the stage with the rest the athletes from your country. I continually tried to imagine how many people were watching both in the stands in back home in the U.S. I wondered how different could it really be from the Husker Tunnel Walk. Even with all that anticipation and hype, I was overwhelmed. It’s difficult to put into words. Only a couple hours have passed since the ceremony and it was such a rush that I’m having trouble remembering it all already!

The greatest part was obviously walking out when the announcer introduced the United States of America. What a feeling! I just tried to soak it all in as I waved to everyone in the crowd and the cameras. I wouldn’t have been able to take the smile off my face for a million dollars. My cheeks hurt by the end of the night. The ‘olympic spirit’ was truly present. The entire crowd, regardless of nationality, language, or religion cheered for every other country.

Other highlights for me included some of the acrobats, Peter Gabriel (rock and roll artist), Yoko Ono (John Lennon’s widow), and even Pavarotti (famous tenor opera singer). Before we walked into the stadium I had the opportunity to meet and have my picture taken with Laura Bush, Hershel Walker, Kerry Walsh, and Melissa Stark. That’s quite the variety of celebrities. One of the greatest things about the ceremony was that I was able to share those moments with my teammates. It’s definitely a night that I’ll never forget.




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